Bear Species

Bears is one of the animals that have been created into toys. Toy ideas are many and many types of animals also are made into toys. But the teddy bears is one that has survived when it was formed and until now. Let us also take time t know the different species of bears that exist around the world. This is not the complete list but we will just see some of them. One of the types is the Black Bear of North America. This is the common one that could be seen. You can find them in the north of Florida, Alaska, and Canada.

They like to eat mostly vegetable as it is their diet being omnivorous. The Brown Bear is also found in Alaska and in the western part of Canada. They can be spotted in other areas like Montana and Wyoming. There are also ones scattered in Asia and Europe. One of the known bears is the Polar Bears which is considered as the biggest in the animal type in the whole world. You can also meet the Asiatic black bears that have ears that are usually large in size and they could be found living in Taiwan, Nepal, Mongolia, Malaysia and other countries.

The Andean Bears which are obviously found in the mountains in the Andes. They are considered endangered and also vulnerable that is why it is a law that it is illegal to kill them. The giant panda is also one type of bear and is active anytime. The sloth bears are part of the list and they are happy when they live with other sloths. the last types are sun bears that are considered as the smallest.