Guinness World Records Teddy Bear Largest Collection

Stuff toys are among the greatest collections to have. The size is not important because they are all cute. Among the cutest stuff toys of all, Teddy Bear never lost its popularity. In fact, there were people who became popular because of having a large collection of it. And one of the record breakers in the Guinness World Records is Jackie Miley. She had a very large collection of Teddy Bears having various sizes as well as colors and designs. Some were old and new.

Since the 19th century, she started her collections of Teddy Bears. As of now, she is quite old but is still continually collecting them. It became her habit and she felt joy in doing it. She never cared about other people’s thoughts. She even have more than a hundred year old Teddy Bear. Jackie Miley surprised the world by letting all people know that she had 8,026 collections already in 2012. So people mostly travel and ask for this agency to guide them 台胞證過期. But, she never stopped collecting all kinds of Teddy Bears. Until now, she is increasing her cute collections.

She had a separate room for her collections and it is quite big. Traveling around the world had increased her collections. As she travel to different places in many different countries and whenever a Teddy Bear caught her attention and interest, she buy those stuff toys whatever it cost. Who would ever break her record? If someone is a billionaire, he would probably break that record by buying all the Teddy Bears in the world. You can let this travel company to help and guide you into the process of visa service here go over this page. The cabinets and shelves are all filled with her collections that you might love to see.