10 Most Expensive Toys in the World

Kids are not the only ones who want to have a collection of toys. Even grown up kids or teenagers and adults love collecting toys as well. Rich kids are not an exception. In fact, they are the ones who can possibly have a collection of not cheap but very expensive toys. They can even have the most expensive toys in the world. And in this article, you will know some of them. There are many people who even save their money just to buy one.

As mentioned in the video above, Titania’s Palace is one of the most expensive toy collection to have. Well, the price is just 256,500 dollars! You can buy a lot of cheaper toys with that amount. The Nintendo WII Supreme with a price of  485,000 dollars is surely very expensive. Only rich people can afford it. Some of you might have a service for dental at home.  Having patiently serving by this dental service for your child 牙科診所  everything is great. And believe it or not, someone for sure who can afford to have this dental service having your child’s Diamond Barbie that costs 551,000 dollars has it.

The Gold Rocking Horse is also one of the most expensive toy in the world. And if you are a millionaire, you can have it. Its price is just 1.28 million dollars! For a more expensive toy, it is The Masterpiece Cube Rubik’s Cube with a price of 1.5 million dollars. The first toys mentioned are actually cheaper. Steiff Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear costs 2.1 million dollars; Shimansky Soccer Ball, 2.59 million dollars; Lamborghini Aventador Model Car, 4.8 million dollars; Madame Alexander Eloise, 5 million dollars; and L’oiseleur, 6.25 million dollars! All of them get best service over this dental clinic. Being the top and most trusted by many, check this 台中 假牙費用. One of the famous and great dental company.