Teddy Bear History

The discovery of teddy bear is a very good industry that has survived until this time. It shows also the limitations of the world communication at the time it was being manufactured. Teddy bear came to life in the United States with the mind of Morris Michtom as inspired by the case of what happened when the president at that time Theodore Roosevelt had in hunting a bear. Looking at the picture drawn made Morris make teddy bears using the nickname of the president.

At that same time also, a German is making teddy bears not knowing about Morris who is also making it in the United States. The two then continue to make their own teddy bears and now it is one of the old toys that had survived. It has made different stories and it has evolved also from its original form. It has been a part also of the lives of many children and adults. There are even ones that are produced with a limited number and are part of a collection of people.

They have evolved as only a toy and became part of a hobby or a commercial activity as collectors version are expensive than the ordinary bears that could be given as a gift anytime. They could be newly released collector’s items or old versions that only a few numbers of them are present and still in good form until this time. others are displayed on museums as they are one that is the last item on the type of bear produced.